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We aim to generate consistent positive returns in all market conditions, with an overarching philosophy of capital protection. The strategy gives investors variable exposure to the equity market, with the flexibility of lower volatility than the market and minimising losses in drawdowns.

As a result, the strategy is suited to investors with a reasonable tolerance for risk who want to participate in equity market returns but don’t want to risk losing too much money in doing so.

This could particularly benefit those in or close to retirement. Over time, exposure to the equity market provides growth – but when markets dislocate, retirees are in an especially vulnerable position as they have a shorter time horizon in which to recover any potential losses. A variable beta strategy like Kardinia’s can assist in providing investors with the ‘sleep at night’ factor, knowing their investments are in a strategy that can reduce market exposure in negative returning periods so they can still fund their retirement through the investment cycle.

Kardinia is majority-owned by the team, who also invest significantly in the strategy alongside family and friends – ensuring our goals are aligned with those of our investors.

Added to that, we’re a small, nimble business, which allows us to make decisions quickly to adapt to changing market conditions. We have genuinely collaborative and curious minds, and are driven by the reward of discovering new opportunities as well as continual learning and improvement.

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