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17 June 2021 16 min listen

Kardinia podcast – the rise and rise of commodities

Listen as Kristiaan Rehder explores the reasons behind the strength of the resource sector.
12 May 2021 5 min read

The Long and The Short: Inflation machinations

Markets and commentators alike are fixated on inflation, as signs suggest it is coming and will be anything but transitory.
15 March 2021 15 min listen

Kardinia podcast: Vaccines, bond yields and inflation

Kristiaan Rehder explains why he’s watching the steepening yield curve.
5 March 2021 5 min read

The Long and The Short: The beginning of the end

The COVID-19 virus has had a devastating impact around the world. More than 2.5 million people have died, including more than 500,000 in the US, more than 120,000 in the UK, and 909 in Australia.
4 December 2020 30 min listen

Mark Burgess discusses Kardinia's long/short strategy

Mark Burgess discusses; the Kardinia Capital business, long/short strategies, Kardinia's market outlook and three high conviction stocks.
2 December 2020 15 min listen

Kardinia podcast: Unpacking the mysteries and myths of short selling

Kristiaan Rehder explains the benefits of long/short funds.
COVID America
24 November 2020 4 min read

2021 outlook strong, but COVID-19 remains the wildcard

Developments in the United States with Biden’s presidency, and the status of the COVID-19 vaccine globally, will have a key influence on markets in 2021, and there is quiet optimism with long-term inv
10 November 2020 5 min read

The Long and The Short: To short or not?

One of the things that differentiates the Kardinia Absolute Return Fund from long only funds is its ability to generate a return or hedge the portfolio by short selling stocks.
8 September 2020 3 min read

The Long and The Short: Eyes on the US

After looking dubious for some months, President Trump's chances of winning the next election are roaring back, with his campaign focusing on law and order and re-opening the US economy.
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