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Kardinia podcast: portfolio & market update

“Some of the strongest rallies occur in bear markets, so we will remain conservative but we’re not going to go too aggressively net short at this point.”

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Kristiaan Rehder (Portfolio Manager at Kardinia Capital) and Stuart Fechner (Head of Research & Asset Consultant Relationships at Bennelong Funds Management) discuss a difficult market environment and how the Kardinia team is positioning its fund as a result.



  • 0:39 – The stark reality of market volatility and inflation in 2022
  • 3:23 – Interest rate predictions (and implications)
  • 4:40 – … and what that means at a stock level
  • 7:00 – How Kardinia is positioning the portfolio at the moment
  • 8:57 – Consumer staples: defensive or not?
  • 10:52 – Is the US entering recession territory?
  • 13:37 – The more positive signals Kardinia is watching for over the long term

The content contained in this audio represents the opinions of the speakers. The speakers may hold either long or short positions in securities of various companies discussed in the audio. This commentary in no way constitutes a solicitation of business or investment advice. It is intended solely as an avenue for the speakers to express their personal views on investing and for the entertainment of the listener.


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